Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yeahh, I knew it !

This is too bad for me
Yes it is my fault
As i told you on my previous post
It will turned out like this
and that's it!
I know what i am doing
I know i am not too smart
but I will prove it!
I just believe to Him
I know, I don't work harder
but I will pay for it!
I don't care what people want to say
just wait and see!
Thanks Allah.
For giving me a strength
Maybe this is the best!
I am not going down because of this.
FYI, this is not the end of my life
Screw you people! 
Who wants me to become like that
Mind you own bussines okayy, Haha
actually i'm quite surprise because it overpass my target. 
i thought it was totally S*#@ more than i do! HAHA

p/s : gila jiwang siood ayat aku. Haha. ayat orang2 yg nak insaff :)

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eL aMoRe MuE said...

kaw dpt bape utk xm nie ?