Thursday, October 07, 2010

ohh CRAP!

okay, hi there. sorry i didn't post anything before. I'm busy updating this blog. it makes me feel sick. I'm not good in setting or editing actually. so i just try my best and this is the result. BHAHAHA, so how about the new look? simple right. i think this better. i like this one than previously. okayy okayy that is not what i want to talk about actually. i want to talk about my FINAL. it's over and it's a DISASTER. i already know that even the result is not coming out yet. i answer it crap. i do like hell. i can felt it. physic was the damn ever. like a hell. there are so many question that i can't answer at all. i just left it blank because i can't even think a single number or word. the others subject too. but i tried my best. so may ALLAH bless me and give me a good result. i don't wanna failed. i hate it. but i don't work on it. i knew it. i can't do anything. just pray to the one up there. I'll do better on next sem. i will. i will. i won't lie again. haha I'm kinda like proving my sins in front of priest. yes i do regret now. please make me strong Allah. and for the muet, i need to do my best. i know i never talk in front of the others after I'm off from high school. that makes me feel very nervous. I'll shaking and i can't think anything. i won't let that silly things happen to me. naaaaaaaaaaahhhh~ okayy that's all. i do post something later. bye


Eeqa said...

dear,u seems like regret about ur test.??
hem,don't be.always believe in Allah k.:DDDD

gha great said...

ohhhhhhh thanksss for the supporting. i do regret but i just leave it to the one up there. hee