Friday, October 08, 2010

Nor Mahirah

salam. okayy maher, you should be proud because your name appear in my blog. it is a nice name. HEHE, currently you are in mesir, studying hard to achieve your dream. you wanna become a doctor. i can't wait to call you DR Mahirah. i'm so envy with you. haha you are so strong having a life there even you're small. it's a JOKE. when you're commented on my wall last night, i'm a bit excited. oh maher, i have so many questions to ask you actually but i know you're busy and you told me that your house do not have the internet. i do understand it. i hope we can skypin or maybe ym-ing later. i really want to do that. i MISS you badly. haha. okayy. that's all. bye!


nemesis3891 said...

she's a doctor already la... haha...

huu aku pnah lalu kat umah maher tapi x singgah..-_-

aku kat mesir gak..xnk wat utk aku??? hahaha

gha great said...

hahaaaaaaaaaaaa. nak dia jd betul2 dluu. oh ye? dkt ke? haha kau org lain bole wat kan haha