Thursday, October 07, 2010


OMG, i know you guys can understand what does mean by 'HILANG'. yes hilang! what was that actually missing? it is my lovely ROXY purse. it was a gift from my 1st brother. i felt too bad because i lost it. yeah i know it was my fault. i just left it in my sling bag outside the examination hall. but i really forgot about it. i don't do it on purpose. SORRY abang ne. i can't keep my own things good. so actually it wasn't missing but it was being stolen from someone that can't control their faith. FCUK off you guys. there are many important things inside the purse. of course my I/C, license, pictures, bank card, resits, and MONEYS. i don't care about money. just take it if you want it. maybe you are dying or haunted by ahlong or what else. i do care because you took mines. my such death thingy. you know what? now i'm busy doing re-new those things. oh please! sorry to najwa, am, murni too. your BONITA gift also lost because it is on the purse, i hanged it on the zip. i knew that it cost much money to do that name-key chain, you guys did worked on it well until i don't know that you guys bought it when we were at sunway. i do love that key chain. there's no one else ever give me those thing. i'm really SORRY guys. so for the hell who took my purse. i hope you will happy with all my thingy. i did blocked my card after i know my purse was being stolen. but i don't know if you already take the money. just fucking off from my ass if you took it. i don't want to curse you become rocks or what ever. because this is not a tanggang stories. i just hope that you will change that your shitty-behaviour cause you will feel what i feel when your losing something precious. i also hope that my money doesn't used for haram things. go buy foods or drinks and give to your child. HAHA.

p/s : it was missing after my physics paper. can you imagine it guys? but i handle it well. thank GOD. hee

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