Friday, August 27, 2010

i MISS blogging

salam there! swear to god i'm not active in blogging now. dont know why? maybe it's because of the enviroment. having so much class during the day and so much things to do. it's kinda different like before. having a life in puncak alam is quiet tough for me but luckily i'm still have my best buddies here. they are totally great! it's almost the end of semester one. i'm doing science foundation here. waa i'm tired in BIOLOGY. always at the bottom. exam? nextweek i'm having test 2 and after raya holiday i'm going to die. it's FINAL EXAM!. fulamak~ haih seriously i'm really scared right now. who the hell doesn't care about that important things. kalau tak lepas sem nih, i cut myself! haha actually, the things that crossed my mind and make me feel like wanna to write something here because i can't wait for tomorrow. we have a gathering of phalanx. seriuosly i damn miss all of phalanx members. even esok tak ramai sgt but 5o org dah memuaskan hati aku. slalu paling ramai pun belas2 je. i am to much excited lahh kan tp sedih jugak yg jauh2 that cannot join us because of yeahhh, what else? macam2 alasan lah kan. ABAIKAN! hehe, so all phalaxer see ya tomorrow and now i want continue my tutorials. haha bye =)