Monday, July 19, 2010

MID SEM holiday

salam, everytime i'm writing in this blog, supposely i will mention SORRY because i'm abandoned this blog again and again. why? there's only one word MALAS. haha even my homework pun, i didn't touch it. apatah lg blog yg kena sign in then kena typing. double triple MALAS. actually there are so many things that happened and i dont want to story about it. not in such a good mood. haha skarang ni tgh sem break. so tu bermakne yg aku baru habis EXAM lah. what the hell~ exam time worldcup. siap mlm worldcup tu then tomorrow ade chemistry test. but worldcup 4 kali stahun, exam always ade so rugii gile kalau tak tgk worldcup. haha tp seriously ckp i'm not focus when i revising the chapter for the test. but i still hope the result that will come out are not too bad. haa? kelmarin, balik2 tu dah meronggeng. then semalan and hari ni, just lepak2 kat rumah. haha watpe lg kan. of course facebooking, ym-ing and right now blogging. haha gile gile starving skrg. sorry for the short writing. i want to eat BURGER now. haha bye