Wednesday, March 03, 2010

happy birthday !!

today is 3rd march 2010. hehe, my third bro birthday. he wasn't at home. he is working now. haha, kung kang kung kang sounds coming from the kitchen? i guess what exactly happened this morning. an earthquake or maybe what? renovati0n? haha. mimpi jela. actually mummy was there. she was making karipap? wah wah. jarang sungguh mami nk wt kuih. i asked her why? is there anyone will come to visit our house. she replied me, saje je. tringin nak mkn lah. oftenly, she will just ordered karipap from the neighbour that doing this karipap business but today she's making karipap by herself. haha. she said again hari ni hari jadi abg ewan. mls nak wt kek. wt karipap pn jd lah. what a funny lah mami. lol. hehe aku pn x ingt hari ni hari jd abg. yela dah byk sgt abg kn! hehe, but mami never forget about it even ade anak 7 org. i 'm so proud with her. huhu ok lah that's all i want to say. nothing more. bye bye :)

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MiztER MURTphalanx! said...

Happy Birthday to abg ewan.. haHA!uh,karipap de lebih? heHE..