Monday, March 01, 2010

c0unting days

hyep. it was already march. so there are more than 11 days left until the result is come out. i am speechless and i can't breath. fuhh~ at this time, i am really sure that my buddies also felt the same way as me. but we are still pretend to be cool, calm and what else? haha,nerv0us? the only things that i can do now is pray.pray and pray until the day finally c0me. i really hope that the result will come out after the plkn's hunter is back from their camp. i missed them and i want to meet all my friends on that day. who knows after this we can't meet with each other again like we used before. this is my path of my life. i love having friends around me and gosipping together. haha. lol. i will never forget about it. hehe, like the old saying goes. life must go on right? so just live life till the t0p. i hope all members of PHALANX will get the best result. AMIIIIIIN. everybody let's amiiiiin together. okay!

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