Tuesday, March 16, 2010

alhamdulillah =)

salam! waa lame gile kot xpost pape kt sini. busy kot! yeke? lantak ah. hehe, so firstly nak ckp alhamdulillah and thank you ALLAH for giving me quiet good result. even bkn straight a's pn tp ape yg aku dpt uh mmg unexpected pn lah. thumbs up tp all my teachers, friends, juni0rs+seniors n also to my parents.haha nak say congrats gak to all members of phalanx! seriously korg mmg gempak gile and aku syg gile ah korang. it's a miracle right? kite xpnh pn expect dpt jd batch lagenda betul2 but we've proved it to the others!batch 0509 PHALANX OF LEGENDZ. aku xkan lupe ah name keramat tuh! pasni masing2 dah ade own path tp pe yg penting jgnlah kite lost contact ye. hope segala bagai blog n facebook uh leh eratkan ukhuwah kite wlu kite terbang kt mne2 pn. so skrang ni meti sume busy isi form2 for scholar kn? hope pe yg kite apply bagai nak rak uh ade la yg tersangkut kn! kalau x, waaaa! pening kepale ah! hahabtw nak cite time amek reslt. haha dah la aku pegi ramai2 without parents.hehe nek tren then bus. tp ade ckgu wani, leh ah ckgu bajet jd mummy ktorg.hehe mule2 xrase pape lah. tp bile jejak kaki kt gate skola n tetibe dgr org riuh rendah dlm dewan. heartbeat aku laju bkn main la. 1sec 1000degupan kot! tah xsempat kire! haha,so jln2 tgk ade yg nanges n ade yg gembire!! waaa ak taw ak xdpt str8 a;s tp xkecewa sgt bile aku mintak rsult kat ckgu. haha alamak siot gile. kantoi biologos ah! ak rase ni akibat aku xsuke sgt bio kot.hehe sori la ckgu kk. b+ tu pn cm dah gempak gile sbb slme ni xpnh dpt b pn tuk bio.haha diorg sume sruh re-check tp pape pn redha jela. mungkin yg tuh yg terbaik utk ak kn.haha kang re-check skali dpt c.mati aku!hehe pastu balek uh tumpg bus sepintar,mungkin tu yg terakhirnye ak jejak kaki kt ats bus uh. thanks to pkcik shaari yg bg tumpg.waa then g mid pastu. ingt nk tgk alice in wonderland tp lmbt sgtla plak. so xjadi.aritu mmg pnt gile ngn kaki ak yg melecet.haha blk2 trus pengsan kot.herm, ape2 pn congrats to sume kwn2 aku. xkisah la sepintar ke,smkku ke!! sume2 lah ok! dah penat! nk mkn ok. bye!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

happy birthday !!

today is 3rd march 2010. hehe, my third bro birthday. he wasn't at home. he is working now. haha, kung kang kung kang sounds coming from the kitchen? i guess what exactly happened this morning. an earthquake or maybe what? renovati0n? haha. mimpi jela. actually mummy was there. she was making karipap? wah wah. jarang sungguh mami nk wt kuih. i asked her why? is there anyone will come to visit our house. she replied me, saje je. tringin nak mkn lah. oftenly, she will just ordered karipap from the neighbour that doing this karipap business but today she's making karipap by herself. haha. she said again hari ni hari jadi abg ewan. mls nak wt kek. wt karipap pn jd lah. what a funny lah mami. lol. hehe aku pn x ingt hari ni hari jd abg. yela dah byk sgt abg kn! hehe, but mami never forget about it even ade anak 7 org. i 'm so proud with her. huhu ok lah that's all i want to say. nothing more. bye bye :)

Monday, March 01, 2010

c0unting days

hyep. it was already march. so there are more than 11 days left until the result is come out. i am speechless and i can't breath. fuhh~ at this time, i am really sure that my buddies also felt the same way as me. but we are still pretend to be cool, calm and what else? haha,nerv0us? the only things that i can do now is pray.pray and pray until the day finally c0me. i really hope that the result will come out after the plkn's hunter is back from their camp. i missed them and i want to meet all my friends on that day. who knows after this we can't meet with each other again like we used before. this is my path of my life. i love having friends around me and gosipping together. haha. lol. i will never forget about it. hehe, like the old saying goes. life must go on right? so just live life till the t0p. i hope all members of PHALANX will get the best result. AMIIIIIIN. everybody let's amiiiiin together. okay!