Saturday, February 27, 2010

what else

yowh! since been a long time i didn't write anything in this blog. i'm a bit busy lately. hehe,so there were many things happened for these few days. i was really enjoyed hang out with my friends. i missed them a l0t. last sunday i went to my beloved school, of course sepintar.actually that was planned by paen and nora. maybe they're missed having schooltime there. hehe,yeah! there's alot of fun being a student than being a beggars.haha right? hum i'm not said that we are actually the beggars but we're feeling that we're kind of something like **** haha, well stuck in land of boredom. can you get it? just forget. lol so we went there together. i've met azreen at bank negara then, sis bella picked us at ktm rawang! i'm really happy to go there. the school have changes. the mosque paint, the hostel. waa~ i'm kinda a bit jealous. hehe even i'm not the student anymore. meeting with the juniors,get along with them, i'm really loved it. so, around at 4pm we started our friendly match with the sepintar's junior team,haha. mmg budak,sis bella,sis ain,nura and fara were in same team againts the juniors team.ouh damn! it was just 1st half but i'm exhausted and felt like i'm dying. haha, we're have no other players. only us. what a shamed when the juniors have more scores than us. ouh! but that's not the end of game. second half, we're playing like we're pro. of course we're pro. first half,we just wanted to warm up lah child.haha, bangge plak.
heh so the result, we're win.juniors will never defeated us! haha just a big dream okay. humm~ i missed playing with those guys,basketball teams. hope they can do better on the upcoming match this 11 mac.i'll go there to give my support. hehe. having met with balau,ara,wena,reza,m2 dormmates and the other juniors was a great time even it's just a while. huhu, alright. i'll continue latter. i'ts already maghrib. bye bye, salam!

p/s : sorry for the gramatically error. please tell me so i can improve. thankss~

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


hye hey salam sume! haha, sudah lame aku tak post something disini. humm, nk kate busy x gak tp malas sbenarnye. asek layan cerita jepun ngn korea jeh. btw nih nak cerite pasal satu lg kemalangan malang yg dihadapi oleh aku. ishkk mmg cuai btul lah aku ni. kena ubah la tabiat ni. kalu x sume bnde hilang. ok. cerita nye camni. rabu lastweek, aku kua gi TS ngn mahe n faizah. pastu ade lg lah laki2, cukoq, gek, faiz, hairel n macha. diskusi pnye lame then ktorg decide la nk tgk movie ape. TOOTH FAIRY. ok gak la cite uh tp byk sgt lwk bdo0h. haha, mungkin sbb aku gelak byk sgt, time abes tgk uh ak da simpan da spec aku dlm box esprit n aku mmg yakin da msukkn dlm beg tp yg sedihnye balek2 uh xde. padahal esoknye ade kls driving. sbb aku kuar tuh nk cari kasut nk pki time driving class. nih tibe2 spec pulak hilang. hum so, terpakse lah cancel driving class uh. sedih w0o, smpai skarang xblaja drive lagi. huhu, dah la org ramai, so turn aku lambat lg lah. haha, pastu aku bli clear lens jeh. spec xwt lg. malas lah. xjumpe yg berkenan lg. hope pakai lens ni xde pape berlaku la lg. da lah halus je bnde uh. hihi, pasni aku akn lebih berhati2. haha btw thanks gak kt kwn2 yg tlg tny kan psl spec aku yg tgl dlm cinema. sebenarnye ade tp bdk yg keje uh xtaw da ktne spec uh. sedih~ ngaa. anyway credits to farah, epul, f.ikmal n nafis! thanks yep! haha~