Monday, January 25, 2010

indie band KOREA

this is new indie band from korea!!haha CN BLUE[code no blue]..actually the leads of this band is one of the actors in famous korea dramas nowadays which is YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL..hihi kang shin woo,his name in the drama but the real name is jung yong hwa..lee jung shin(bass),lee jong hyun(guitar) and lastly the drummer kang min hyuk..hihih their age is still under 20..teenagers!!thats why i like it..haha the oldest one is the lead,20 years old..humm their album is coming out and their 1st debut was in japan..all songs in their 1st album BLUETORY,mostly is english songs!!
so,everybody check out all their songs because it was really great!! I'M A LONER is the a catchy w0nt be me!!they are not like dbsk,suju that singing while dancing..they sing and play the instrument!!!and i really lovin it!!!

m0od : sudah gile same CN BLUE..

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