Thursday, December 10, 2009

new m0on

hehe..this morning!no this afternoon i was rushed to ktm station.damn u driver bus!!bole plak bhnti bli air..haha,prut gua pn lapa gk beb!!one hour in the bus n its make me want to burst.
but god calm me.sian delap n fara wait for me..fara da blah but delap still wait for me..thanks my fren..hihih ok we arrived at mid n everything was mess!!xjmpe fara pdhl she's was que to bought ticket for us.NEW MOON at late huh!tp act nk kua arini coz the target is only new moon but then she bought 3 ticket for 2012.waduh..gua udah dwnload..da tgk!!hermm keplae da nk meletup..bincang pny bincang pny lame..ok set we agreed to watch new how about the fuss i said.just sold the lagi wt muke tebal jela..hahah malu gk la tp aslkn dpt jual ticket uh..ok 2 ticket dah dijual n there's only one ticket left!!fara da que nk bli ticket n.moon.delap n me still search for the victim..haha so funny.then delap was give up but i'm not..delap xthn nk g toilet!!she left me dare u delap..hehe ok what i am supposed to do..cte uh da start..xkn nk burn je ticket.luckily,aku tny sorg bro nh n he really excited..hahabyr rm10 pdhl ticket rm9..ala bro serinngit je pn..i said..haha actually nope..bro uh mmg bek ati..he said xpela dik amek jela serinngit tu..hahaa thanks alot bro..huh!!!ok everything was settled..haha thanks g0d..herm so tgk n.moon.mmg syokla tp geram with the ending..wah!!!! sje bg t'gntung..hehe..abes cte kol buhbye fara..delap blk umh ku..haha tgk2 my sis ade kt umh..herm she bought pizza..haha besh nye!!!sedap~that's only for today!!hahaha

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