Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ramadhan..its coming back again!!!this month satan was in the prison..thank god!!dont let them to go out..haha,forever! but its impossible..hehe,nonsense lah pray a l0t in this month,hope allah will make true for all our dreams.but dont only pray,if we dont have any hard work!!it will be nothin!!SPM is only 2 month left..cuak bai!!!but baba always said!!nk takut bende..tu perkara dunie sje..allah is the almighthy..he is the only one we need to be scare..not the other things!!hehe..yer sir!!im always remember what u've said..hihi,thanks baba!!u've give me a spririt,also mummy la..nnt she's merajuk..haha,k la..selamat berpuase kpd yg bole berpuase!!!kpd yg xberpeluang untk berpuase..mkn uh smbnyi2 la ek!!orait..adioss!!

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SwEeTFoResT said...

aii..salam perkenalan..n wish u slamat berpose keyh..

study leklok...