Sunday, June 07, 2009

sayin gudbye to everyone!!

Now.. at this second, i just wanna to tell u that i'm leaving.. where?? dont ask if u know!! hehe, i have some mission that are not really c0mplete and i dont ever know when it can be complete by myself!! learning is the only way i can make mum and dad pr0ud of me.. i have a great c0mpetitors to fight this year.. the first one was my c0usin,she is studying at mrsm kuantan,, maybela.. and the second one was adlin.. he is a genius..waa!!!i dont know how she or he can be so clever.. and i am not!! damn it!! maybe i am lack of confident with myself..ahah yeke??? or i am just t0o lazy?? i guess that was correct..

Frankly, i have no idea why i became like that.. so hard to tell u!! orait just ignore it.. because i'm blabbering too much this time.. right? well, this is the last night.. i dont know when i can blogging after this.. but thats not important.. i'm now focusing on my study and want to get flying colours.. but i want t0 tell the truth that mid year was really horrible! and i'll never do the same mistake again.. sorry teachers!! i didnt do the best!

Haha,i have n0 idea to write anymore.. just wanna saying gudbye to all of u who are reading my 'busuk' writting!! to everyone who still having a honeym0on.. dont forget to finished ur homeworks or u'll be murder!! ahha.. so cruel.. but its true.. thats all from me! see u next time!!!
i'll be missing u!!! daa~

p/s : sorry for the gramatical error.. haha

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