Saturday, May 02, 2009


talking about NOVEL.. i've read 3 novel in my entire life.. the 1st novel is RIA QISTINA, the 2nd one is AYAT2 CINTA n 3rd one is aA+bb..actually im not a novel addicted.. i mean malay novel.. but n0w, im fall in love with hlovate writting. she's so coolio!! she's great n im really love with her words.. SEMPOI gile!! angkat kening double jerk jela bile bace novel dye, haha.. n0w im reading her 2nd novel, the new one "ROOFTOP RANT"..b4 this i've read aA+bB, lastyear i have finished it.. best gile beb!! hehe, dream after spm,,nk bli sume novel HLOVATE je!! i repeated HLOVATE only!! hehe..

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