Friday, January 30, 2009

pink..!!d0esnt it weird f0r me??

wuhuhh!! aha.. i'm here again. okay i'm just wondering how could my blog was in pink colour?? guess wut?! herm, really weird. aha.. actually i hate pink damn much.. s0rry to 'shihin', 'hajarku' n all pink l0ver. hehe, please dont kick me out! maybe i'm in love with that colour. imp0ssible beb! but n0thing is impossible rite? hehe, what i care? it's up t0 me what c0lour im in used. it's my blog. i'm blogging my blog. s0, people dont ask to0 much question why this blog was pink! later i will change it. aha, juz wait n see. i'll improve!

and t0 all pink l0ver. im not a part of u yet because i'm still not ready. when the time is coming. i'll tell ya!! haha, it's just a blog ok. just because it is pink, s0 i'm pink lover? aha, absolutely n0t. red is better, black always elegant n white make me peace! orait, that's all! i'm blabbering t0o much these day.. haaha, papai~

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