Saturday, January 03, 2009

last day at h0me..

the day will c0me. aha, tomorrow sepintar i'm c0ming!!. i want make things with serious. st0p playing like a child play in p0uring rain. i want smack,hug,kick softer when i meet with my friends.
gilek ah. cabut lari kwn2 kuh nnt ekh? i wonder! haha, i dont want to make a fuss anym0re. i dont want to b0ther anybody. stop talking nonsense about all around me. nnt kurang pahala. hehe, just focus on my study. +math, chem, physic, bi0. haha, tough subject. i dont want to get red colour on my mark for this. i hope it will over! except my teacher pen is out of ink. haha, the other sbject t0o. i will never make it easy. even b.melayu is our mother tounge. s0, people always get easy over it and say.. 'eleyh b.melayu je pn. pe nk riso!'. dont big talk. haha, please, i hate it! one m0re things.
please help me! i dont want to sleep in my classr0om. haha, i will get nothing f0r it. for this hell pr0blem, i will drink dutch lady coffee milk every morning. maybe my eyes will become bigger and x kelip2. just wanna make a try and hope it will works. haha. g0t to go. i'm not perform asar yet. hurm, later i will c0ntinue. bye!

p/s : please mind my gramatically error!


nashihin hanis said...

huhu.. same2 laa kite kejut mengejut.. dikejut.. dan tkejut.. h0ho.. 0oii.. aq "sleeper" gak.. kejut aq skali.. haha~

gha great said...

jgn ris0