Friday, January 23, 2009

kebencian tahap sejati!!!

ok dear. here i c0me. alm0st 3weeks i've been stuck in the oren hell. sucks u know. swear! my

feeling just like the title, no one can change it! i will never f0rget it. the pers0n with the name

' jan' we called it. g0 to hell la mangkuk! starting from the stupid summ0n. i've got tw0. it just

a simple mistake keh. cam kuh ni kill s0mebody je. wateva! but it's ok. i'm accept it. 0ne thing i

w0uldn't accept it is ab0ut this morning. the day that every student wait f0r balik bermalam.

betine uh make fuSs. c0mpare the girls with the boys. b0ys are really great but we such a damn.

that's wut she think with her 'kolot' mind. weh wut the fuck la beb. just bc0z she do n0t want to

sign the red card, we've g0t a big pr0bs. lucky i'm still have a patient. if n0t, u're die la betine!

ok, i think that's all f0r now. be continue later. tkut kuh tmbuk kmptr ni lak nnt. orait!!!

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