Saturday, January 31, 2009

JAPANESE Street Fashi0n

well, mostly japanese teenagers dress as any other teenagers in the world. h0wever a unique style called street fashi0n has emerged among them. haha, street fashion is used to describe the style where a pers0n mixes current nad traditional clothes. the clothes are made at home with materials bought from stores. t0 wear street fashion clothes means y0u are regarded as trendy! many young japanese wear outlandish clothes in cities.

there are also other style such as Lolita style. within lolita style are punk lolita, gothic lolita n sweet lolita. they wear incorporates chains, pearls, big bows patterned with plaid and lace. wristbands are popular accessories. waa! s0 cute!! hehe but it's only can be my daydream n it will never bec0me true!! haha.. ok that's a few information for girls out there..!! later i will tell m0re okay? gtg, it's already maghrib. tyme to take my bath! orait, sayounara!!

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