Monday, January 26, 2009

i am seni0r..

hel0. here i come. just wanna to share about my feeling as a senior for this 3weeks at school. w0w! seriously it is fun but.. tah la, s0metimes bengang gak ngn dak2 juni0r tp mls nk pkir je. waste my time. baek kuh focus on study. be in f0rm 5 is very t0ugh for me. homwek???? dont ask me about that. wat sakit hati! cikgu bg keje cm kuh ni cuti stahun ah. tp xpela, wat jela. tuh pn klu kuh rajen en. haha, upss kuh mne bleh mls2 da ouh. SPM daa. continue about the senior story, yg kuh heran nye. sal kuh bg freed0m kt dak2 kecik uh tp d0rg cm xske. plek bt0l. aha, bukan sng seni0r baek camtuh. kufur nikmat t0l dorg nih. it's up 2 all of you la! m0st important, kuh bahagie. just tension bile si jan uh cri psl jerk. the other things is still in go0d condition. s0, i dun worry to0 much. f0r the next c0ming test, i will try harder t0 get a go0d result. so that i still can play basketball. i as a capten, i need t0 be the best one for the others. i'll never giveup because i've choose basketball and not kawad. as long as i enjoy playing it, i will never stop playing and i really dont care ab0ut what pe0ple say. hem memang p0yo kuh ni. haha, that's all f0r this night!!! chal0oo!

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