Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jennifer & John, Drew & Justin: Coupled Up or Not?

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer seemed to drop off the map soon after "Marley & Me" stormed the box office, which has led to speculation that they're once again kaput.

But Star is convinced they're still very much together after catching the crooner making a beeline for the actress's Los Angeles digs on Monday night shortly after he arrived in town from New York.

Jen, John and an army of paparazzi mosey in New York last week. (© More photos of Jen

Paparazzi snapped his sports car sitting next to her Range Rover overnight, a parking situation that has seemingly only reinforced the tab's wishful thinking belief that Mayer is planning to slip a sparkler on Aniston's finger on Feb. 11, her 40th birthday.

Us Weekly, however, doesn't see a happily-ever-after for the romance, which it claims is going through a "cooling off" period.

"She's a control freak, and he can be very incommunicative," a source assesses to Us Weekly. "Plus, she feels he plays games with her head."

According to the mag, the twosome squabbled during their New Year's getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and have had trouble finding time for each other.

"John told her they needed to slow things down," says another mole. "She smothered him too much, just like last time. John didn't have the heart to say he was dumping her again, so he said he needed time to himself."

If only he'd make better use of that alone-time.

Holding firm to his opinion that he is, in fact, hilarious, Mayer filmed a self-help-style comedy (a generous use of the term, we assure you) bit that oddly references Brad Pitt's Oscar-nominated flick "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button."

"You're a man of strength, charisma, girth, honor, girth and influence," encourages the cardigan- and wee tie-sporting singer in the clip. "You're like that guy in that movie 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Bratt.' ... The older you get, the younger you get. And right before you die a little tiny man-baby, you're gonna discover the ability to time travel into volcanoes. I never saw the film; I'm just guesstimating that's how it ends."

Concludes the motivationally minded Mayer, "So, get out there and give today a tongue-bath because you're good, and you're gonna be even better ..." He finishes with a urethra "joke," which we won't subject you to.

As for Aniston, she's talking about her likes and dislikes as she stumps for "He's Just Not That Into You."

In potentially bad news for John, one of Jen's major turn-ons is a good sense of humor.

"Oh God, can you have a funny guy you are not attracted to?" she posed on "Access Hollywood." "Basically, it's chemistry, chemistry, chemistry."

Her biggest turn-off? Back hair.

"I got to say, that's a deal breaker," she laughs.

Drew channels Marilyn at the Golden Globes. (©Retna Ltd.) More photos of Drew

In related news, Drew Barrymore, Aniston's "HJNTIY" co-star, is offering up some advice for potential suitors.

"I like dinner," she tells "Extra." "I like to be asked on a date. I like tradition."

But has she resumed her onetime tradition of sucking face with Justin Long, whom she split with last July after nearly a year of togetherness?

People spotted the former saliva-swappers as they "slow-danced, hugged and laughed" while hanging out with pals at new Los Angeles hot spot h.wood a few days back.

Paparazzi also captured the affable actress gently stroking the sometime Mac Guy's face.

All of which has turned out to be good news for the marketing department of "He's Just Not That Into You," which could have had a potential logistical nightmare when Drew and Justin began promoting the film.

"They looked like they were both genuinely happy to be with each other," a spy says of the pair's interaction at a recent junket. "They were super-cute together."

But Barrymore, who once gushed to Oprah that she had found a "best friend" in Long, insists they're not reuniting, telling the mag, "Justin and I are absolutely just friends."

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