Thursday, December 18, 2008

wuahhaa...since be a l0ng time aku xtulis pape kt blog ni. quiet busy maa. hehe, miss sgt kt kwn2 lame aku. thank g0d!! ramai gak yg kuh da jmpe in this *siber* w0rld. but yg tak jumpe lg uh, h0pe we'll get see each other. tak tau la bile en. em SPM is c0ming. s0 i'm need t0 be serious. cuti ni i've d0ne nothing with my study. kat skola aku kena pulun abesh! nak gak jd best student en. hihu. b0ooyaaah! everyone has their own future dreams. s0 i've to0. japan wait f0r me! i'm c0ming! aha, married? not thinking about that right n0w. driving??aha. s0 excited nak amek lesen. but all this things will happen after i thru the last year nighthmare *spm*. got it?? s0 be t0ugh!! yeah!!

p/s: dont ask me about my posts. sengal rite?

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