Wednesday, October 01, 2008

RAYA day 08..

uhuk..t0day gi s0lat raye..hihi,besh la ngn abg..parents da ch0w awl2 da..aha,kne tggl maa..lmbt sket..herm.. mkn sedap arinih,mummy msk mcm2..waa abesla..i gonna be fat..!!!!xpe,stahun skali jerk..aha..ade guess dtg umh..kwn mummy ngn baba..and exactly 'cal0n' for my 2nd br0..aha..cantik siot girl uh tp yg plek nye my br0 xmnat lak..maybe sl0w2 kot..xkn nk trus ske en..bhgie gk klu dpt akak ipar like her..ishkk merepek pe nih..anyway heppi raye day t0 all muslim in this w0rld including the pers0n that read my blog..thanks cuz viewing me here...n s0rry for everything wr0ng that i do for my 16years..hurmm..okeyh..that's all!!!!

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